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Can the City host their phone system on VMWare Servers? Yes
Will the City consider a new PRI carrier? Yes
Does the city currently have POE switches in place? Yes
The RFP states that for training, there will be 5 Administrators, 50 Advanced Users, and 175 Basic Users for a total of 230 attendees. Section 4 states the City has a total of 240 phones. Section 1 (General Information) cites 215 employees. Please provide which counts Bidders should use to price licenses and also end-user devices. Current Environment and inventory is listed on page 6 and 7 of RFP - specific counts will be dependent on the solution chosen and phones and features offered. These should be listed as part of your proposal. We currently have more 220 employees, however there are also departments that share phones (shift work). Current inventory (approximate numbers) is listed on page 7. Listed as an estimate example is: 5 administrator level users, 50 advanced users (noted in case there are different costs for unified messaging with high call volume type system features) and 175 basic users or phones (Counts would be adjusted to the actual number of licenses or phones purchased based on final product selection). If there are discounts based on volume purchasing that should be noted.
The City states that they prefer an on-premise solution but then request information on off-premise solutions. Will the City entertain cloud-based solutions that have little on-premises equipment? Yes
Will the City of Camas migrate to SIP network facilities as part of this upgrade/migration? We will evaluate the idea.
It states that your current PRI provider is Comcast. Do you intend to maintain that service, or would you like us to make a recommendation for a new service? In subsequent sections it asks for monthly costs on trunk ports and long distance which, if you kept Comcast, that information would need to be provided by the city based on current invoices. Yes we plan to stay with Comcast at this time. If there were measurable savings, we could negotiate changes to our PRI lines. Our long distance is free up to 9200 minutes. We don't believe we have exceeded the 9200 minutes.
Please provide more detail with respect to the resiliency in your data network between sites and network. There is information about facility in the RFP and specific requirements of your system for networking between sites needs to be identified in the proposal.
What is the City’s cloud strategy? We evaluate Cloud based solutions on a case by case basis and implement them if it fits the organization’s needs.
Please elaborate on the needs of the different types of users - 175 Basic users, 50 advanced users, and 5 administrators - and number of line buttons each user would have per user type. Advanced Users should have access to more phone features, larger button count, PC integration, work from home options etc. Basic users will have a more standard phone that required less training to operate. Currently, the majority of our advanced users have phones with 24 programmable buttons, and many have a 60 button side consoles.
Are there any contact center requirements for Constituent inquires? Is so, are basic hunt groups required or does the City require any additional capabilities, such as reporting, multi-channel/omni-channel interactions such as Web Chat, email, SMS or video? The requirement is simply we would like to make it as easy as possible for our customers to work with us. We will consider all of these options if it makes the customer experience better.
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