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21. Where is the Easter Bunny?
(Parks & Recreation News)
... this Easter Sunday.    Bella, the Great Bunny Detective will be posting her progress on theEaster Bunny search.  Look for a new posting every day on Facebook, after 11:00am, with a search ...
Created on 06 April 2020
22. Video Update: Get Help, Give Help through New Camas Resource Helpline
... er Danielle Reynolds and said, “Here’s what the Mayor wants. What can we do?” As librarians, we went researching. We found a great online, cloud-based phone service that basically allows for my staff to ...
Created on 26 March 2020
23. *POSTPONED* Ward 1 Town Hall Scheduled for March 29
(City News)
... , with two council members hailing from each. You are welcome to attend the town hall of your ward and/or any other.   WHAT'S MY WARD? 1) Visit http://bit.ly/CamasWards 2) Click the Search  ...
Created on 24 March 2020
24. Camas Library: Coronavirus COVID-19 Update
(Library News)
... be checked in off your account, shelved or given to the next person waiting for them. This is to ensure everyone's safety. Current research is taking place on the length of time the virus is detectabl ...
Created on 09 March 2020
25. Attend a Town Hall with City Council Members *UPDATED*
(City News)
... rd and/or any other. WHAT'S MY WARD? 1) Visit http://bit.ly/CamasWards 2) Click the Search tab 3) Enter your street address or tax ID number For more on ...
Created on 09 March 2020
26. City Administrator Pete Capell to Retire
(City News)
City of Camas Administrator Pete Capell has announced his retirement, effective January 1, 2020. The city will begin the search for a new city administrator in the coming weeks. Capell will be available ...
Created on 16 December 2019
27. City Council Members to Host Autumn Ward Meetings
(City News)
... 2) Click the Search tab 3) Enter your street address or tax ID number For more on how wards are determined and broken out, visit the Ward Information page. MEETING SCHEDULE Ward 1 – Thurs., Nov. ...
Created on 29 October 2019
28. Community Aquatics Center Highlights
(City News)
... find your ward, visit http://bit.ly/CamasWards. Next, click the Search tab and enter your street address or tax ID number. Meetings are as follows: Ward 1 – Thurs., Nov. 7, 6:00 p.m., with Council ...
Created on 18 September 2019
29. Stormwater Maintenance
(Public Works)
... known to perform maintenance work on stormwater facilities available on the Stormwater Partners of Southwest Washington’s website to assist with HOAs and private owners in search of a vendor. This ...
Created on 02 August 2019
30. Connect with City Council Members at Upcoming Ward Meetings
(City News)
...  Maps Online website (http://bit.ly/CamasWards), clicking the Search tab and entering their street address or tax ID number. Ward meetings will occur twice this year, once in the spring and once in th ...
Created on 18 April 2019
31. Junk Car Removal by Camas Police
(City News)
... what a junk car is and where one can and can't be parked, see bit.ly/JunkCarDefined > To move or dispose of a junk vehicle, search online for Junk Car Removal. *CPD does not endorse or recommend an ...
Created on 08 January 2019
32. Polaris Search
Created on 07 December 2018
33. Cemetery Records Search
Created on 24 July 2017
(Police Administration)
... of incident, date of the incident, name(s) of parties involved, and location where incident occurred. The information you provide is used to search our records and complete your request. Receipt ...
Created on 27 January 2017
35. Business & Development
...  to research, read and print information from the City's Municipal Code book.  Chamber of Commerce (external site)    Exit our main site to go to the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commer ...
Created on 07 February 2012
36. Easter 2020
(Parks & Recreation)
... Detective, helped us search for the Easter Bunny to make sure he was still around and planning on his regular holiday duties this Easter Sunday. Bella was happy to report that yes, the Easter Bunny is ...
Created on 14 December 2011
37. YAC Job Description
... booth at CamTown, the Gingerbreadman Workshop for kids, the Book Swaps, etc.). You get dsign up for special summer projects, such as helping search for missing books or counting Summer Reading Program ...
Created on 08 December 2011
38. Technology Department
... hone and Voicemail Replacement Committee:  A committee was formed in 2019 to research, review and select the City's replacement VoIP phone system and voicemail which is budgeted for 2020.&nbs ...
Created on 08 November 2011
39. Projects & Goals
... management of the Library's public computers. AHA! Strategic Planning software was configured to monitor and report progress on the City's Strategic Plan. Pontem software was configured to provide online  ...
Created on 08 November 2011
40. Tai Chi at Lacamas Lodge (2015-12-29)
(Events Calendar/Tai Chi at Lacamas Lodge)
Tai Chi at Lacamas Lodge Health benefits of Tai Chi have been researched in a number of medical studies and the studies conclude that Tai Chi can dramatically improve your coordination, balance and health. ...
Created on 31 July 2015
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