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Recycling Services
Recycling service is a mandatory service for all residential customers inside the City limits per Camas Municipal Code 13.86.020. Recycling bins are provided to the residential customers at no cost by Waste Connections, and the billing appears on the bi-monthly City of Camas utility bill. Customers are provided with a 65 gallon roll cart for mixed recyclabes, and a small plastic tote for glass.

Waste Connections will come by on your regular garbage day to pick up your recycling each week. The container must be curbside by 6:30 a.m. Although recycling is a weekly service, we do ask that you only roll your container out to the curb on weeks when it is full enough that it will not topple over on a windy day.

Waste Connections Recycling Information
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Yard Debris Program
Yard debris service is not mandatory in the City of Camas. This is an available service to the residential customers who generate yard debris and wish to sign up for a special lower rate service for yard debris disposal. Residents opting to enroll in this service will not see the service billed on their regular City of Camas bill. Billing for optional yard debris service comes as a separate statement from Waste Connections.

Waste Connections Yard Debris Information

For current Recycling and Yard Debris rates, please see the City Utility Rate page.

Contact Waste Connections at 360-892-5370 to request recycling bins or to sign up for optional yard debris service.


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