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All stormwater infrastructures requires maintenance. The NPDES Permit requires the City of Camas (City) to comply with rules to protect our water resources ensuring that the stormwater drainage system and facilities are properly operating and maintained. The City sweeps all streets multiple times per year to promote water quality. The City Storm Sewer Systems O&M Manual is used as a guide to maintain the various stormwater components.

Every year the City inspects all public stormwater facilities and a number of private stormwater facilities. The City performs yearly routine maintenance on the stormwater facilities as needed. The City also coordinates with HOA’s and other private stormwater facility owners to complete necessary maintenance to ensure facilities are operating as intended.

Questions & Answers for Homeowner Associations or Private Owners

Q: Where is my stormwater facility?

A: Please contact Jackie Caldwell by phone 360.817.7388 or email jcaldwell@cityofcamas.us, to obtain maps or record drawings of your stormwater facility.  

Q: Who is responsible for the maintenance of the stormwater facility in my neighborhood?

A: The stormwater facilities serving subdivisions, private homes and/or businesses in the City are typically maintained by HOAs or private owners.

 Q: Can we gift the stormwater facility and land to the City?

A: The City does not currently have the resources to take on additional stormwater facility maintenance responsibilities. It is common practice for jurisdictions in Clark County to have HOA’s and private owners maintain stormwater facilities. However, the City has high level discussions in the past about the option of taking over all the facilities, and will continue evaluating this option in the future.

Q: Can the City outsource the maintenance services and bill the individual homeowners?

A: Because of public bidding laws, having the City outsource the maintenance work would likely cost the homeowners more money than if they hired the contractor themselves. In addition, the City does not currently have the resources to pay for the maintenance of all private stormwater facilities up front, or manage the work. However, staff is here and available to provide technical support and assist HOA’s and private owners on the best approach to complete the maintenance.

Q: Who can I contact to perform the maintenance work?

A: There is a list of contractors known to perform maintenance work on stormwater facilities available on the Stormwater Partners of Southwest Washington’s website to assist with HOAs and private owners in search of a vendor. This is not a complete list of contractors, nor is it an endorsement of any particular contractor.

Q: Can I access the facility and perform the maintenance myself?

A: If you have a HOA, please contact them regarding this question. If you do not have a HOA, please contact the City for access and provide a plan of action.

Q: Who at the City can I contact if I have additional questions?

A: Please contact Jackie Caldwell by phone 360.817.7388 or email jcaldwell@cityofcamas.us if you have questions.

Additional Resources: Clark County Stormwater Facility Operations and Maintenance

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