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contruction4The purpose of design and construction requirements are to protect, maintain and to enhance water quality and the environment for the citizens in the City of Camas (City) as well as comply with government regulations.

The City Municipal Code 14.02 Stormwater Control governs stormwater design. The City has also developed the Camas Design Standards Manual to provide guidance and requirements for the installation of new infrastructure.

All construction projects, whether a large development or a single family home, can cause immediate and long-term environmental impacts if proper measures are not put into place to prevent soil erosion. All construction projects are required to comply by City Municipal Code 14.06 Erosion and Sediment Control.

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Washington State Department of Ecology requires certain developments and/or businesses to obtain additional permits such as a Construction Stormwater General Permit or an Industrial Stormwater General Permit depending on the land area of the project and the nature of the business.

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