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Wonder what development review is all about? Contact a City Planner to discuss your plans from a “sketch-on-a-napkin”, all the way to a final Certificate of Occupancy.

For those of you who are more experienced developers, the rules and regulations that guide the development of property are within Titles 16, 17, and 18 of the Camas Municipal Code.

  • Title 16 - Environment, concerns the protection of wetlands, steep slopes, archaeological sites and other critical areas.
  • Title 17 - Land Development, provides rules and regulations for the division of land, boundary line adjustments, roadway standards and other specifics on public improvements.
  • Title 18 - Zoning, principally contains regulations on the uses of land within particular zones and the process for administering permits.

The City also has adopted technical manuals to better describe the intent and purposes as adopted in Camas Municipal Code. Those development manuals are as follows:

Design Review Manual - provides design requirements for all new commercial, industrial, and multi-family developments (includes rowhouses).

Downtown Design Manual - provides design requirements for properties within the downtown commercial zone.

Street Naming Manual - provides guidance on how the City names streets.

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