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Trails are an important recreation asset to Camas. Many of our citizens participate in trail-related activities including hiking, nature walks, in-line skating, and off-road Bicycling. The trails in Camas provide a good start for outdoor walking and bicycling experiences. The Heritage Trail along Lacamas Lake is a long continuous nature corridor that receives considerable use. Paved and unpaved trails in Lacamas Park and Lacamas Creek Park provide a good outdoor experience that is easily accessible to the public. The beginning of a trails system in the Washougal River Greenway provides a different, but equally rewarding, outdoor nature experience. A network of trails is proposed for the Camas area that will provide linkages between parks and other parts of the community.


HERITAGE TRAIL: This gravel based, shared-use 3 mile trail in Camas is located on the west side of Lacamas Lake and Lacamas Creek. It provides superb opportunities to view birds, rock formations and waterfalls, along with offering picnicking stops, extensive waterfront access, boat launch, and a children's play center. Clark County and Camas own the interconnected trail meandering through old growth trees, native plants and wildflowers - some paved, some primitive. There is ample parking at the south end of the trail at Heritage Park. There is a small parking area at the north end of the trail, off Goodwin Road. Restrooms are located at the beginning and end of the trail.

GRASS VALLEY TRAIL: Approximately 1 mile starting in Grass Valley Park on NW 38th Ave. (going east) and ending at Utah St. Wide paved path. Moderate difficulty due to hills. Parking and restrooms located at trailhead in grass Valley Park. Scenic creek-side path through fir trees, forested wetland and open space.

MILL DITCH TRAIL: Approximately 2.6 miles from NW Drake to Round Lake. Trail is accessible from many of the main streets such as NE Dallas and NE Garfield. Unpaved. Mostly Flat. Travels alongside the Mill water ditch previously owned and used by Georgia Pacific, but is now owned by the City of Camas. The ditch was hand dug by 125 Chinese laborers in about five months time in 1884. 

LACAMAS PARK TRAILS: Numerous trails covering 312 acres. Main trailhead at park entrance on NE Everett Rd. Parking and restrooms located at trailhead. Trails are mostly unpaved. Some steep hills, rocky trails, and obstructed pathways. Lakes, creeks, waterfalls, wildflowers, native plants, and wildlife make this park a hiker’s favorite. These are not owned or operated by the City of Camas. 

LACAMAS CREEK TRAIL: Almost one mile from trailhead at NE 3rd Ave. to the McEnry Bridge over Lacamas Creek. Unpaved. Mostly flat, but some Slight hills. Connects to Lacamas Park trail system. Beautiful and peaceful trail along Lacamas Creek watershed.

WASHOUGAL RIVER GREENWAY TRAIL: 3 mile round trip. Trailhead at NE 3rd Ave. and Shepherd Rd. Unpaved. Flat. Scenic views of Washougal River.



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