The Camtown Youth Festival is (normally) an annual event held in Crown Park on the first Saturday in June. The festival offers free admission, a variety of games (large inflatables, carnival, and interactive games), crafts activities, entertainment, petting zoo, food vendors, the Camtown-Forgey Art Show, a kids flea market, and youth information tables. The event is well attended, bringing in over 2,500 participants each year.

The event started with an idea to create a festival catered just for kids and took over 9 months of development and planning to bring it all together. Working alongside teacher Gail Welsh, with active consultation from the students in Welsh’s Skyridge Middle School’s Leadership Class, and with participation from CSD students and community volunteers, the first Camtown Youth Festival took place on June 22, 2002.

Well, this year is going to be a little different. Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, and the gathering restrictions that currently apply, we had to re-think how to “run” this event. We decided to bring the festival to you! On this web event, you’ll be able to create a variety of crafts, do some cool activities and watch some pretty amazing entertainment – all at your leisure. So, get comfy, grab a favorite food, snack or drink, maybe even call a friend to watch/take part in some of the videos, and enjoy the many activities and performances to keep you engaged in this year’s Camtown Youth Festival Web Event.


Every year, during the Camtown Youth Festival held in Crown Park, we produce 10 unique crafts stations where the kids can create some cool crafts to take home with them. This year, we had to bring those crafts ideas to you via this web event page. You’ll find a variety of crafts tutorials and/or instruction sheets below. The crafts selected include a simple supply list and you will most likely have these supplies at home. Get creative and have fun!

Do-it-Yourself Labyrinth

Featuring: Jean and Family, Camas Parks & Recreation

This is a fun video tutorial on how to make your own marble labyrinth. The tutorial shows you the basics by using supplies you will most likely have at home. To make it extra cool you can “dress up” the tubes with colored paper or by decorating them, before you glue them to the surface.

How to Make Juggling Balls

Featuring: Shireen, Flamebuoyant Productions

Learn how to make your own juggling balls with supplies you may already have in your home. You can use these while watching Shireen's Monkey Juggling Video on the Camtown Entertainment section.

Raised Salt Painting

Featuring: Cassidy, Camas Parks & Recreation

Try something new with this fascinating water color craft. For our younger crafters, provide them with a very simple line design that they can “draw” over with the glue, then follow the rest of the instructions.

Cookie Cutter Art

Featuring: Cassidy, Camas Parks & Recreation

Cookie cutters aren’t just for making sugar cookies. Watch what Cassidy does to create a unique art piece. Once completed, you can even color in the separate areas to make it look like stained glass.

My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule

If you missed this shared post on our Facebook page, you can download it here. (This activity will need a printer in order to print off the activity pages.) Natalie Long is a graphic designer and mom from Canada. She created "My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule" worksheets as a way for her now eight-year-old daughter, Olivia to keep track of what is happening day-to-day. Long shared the worksheets on her Facebook page, making them available to the public. The 11-page document consists of various activities like interviewing parents, listing favorite foods, and writing a letter to themselves. Long wrote on Facebook that “we are all living through history right now and I thought a ‘time capsule’ would be an amazing way to document this experience to look back on. These worksheets were created by me for my family but I wanted to share with all my fans!” (source: Fun107 Music Station)

Homemade Bubbles

Create big or small bubbles with Camtown’s bubble recipe. Ideas are also given for homemade bubble wands. Check it out!

Paper Flower in a Paper Cup

Here’s a simple craft to brighten a spot at your remote school “desk.”

Moving Paper Fish

This was a fun one to make and play with. You can make several and have your own string of fish!

Jumping Frog Origami

Join Jo Nakashima in making an easy, traditional origami jumping frog. All you need is a piece of square paper – either the size used in the video or larger. Turn on the closed caption option to read the instructions while watching the video.

Fox Face Origami

Here’s a very simple origami craft and a good example for your first try at origami. We’ve included an instructional video as well as a printed instruction sheet.


Paper Fortune Teller

Here’s a fun craft activity filmed and constructed by kids – a perfect fit for Camtown! Note that the “A4” sized paper used in the video can be replaced with 8.5 x 11 copy paper. And, you can snaz it up by using colored copy paper. Get ready to make your wish!

Games and Activities

It’s time to get up and get moving! Most of the activities can be played inside or outside, with another person or alone. Learn something new and have fun. Now go out and play!

Monkey Juggling Tutorial

Featuring: Shireen, Flamebuoyant Productions

Use the juggling balls you made in the Camtown Crafts section or use rolled up socks to learn an easy way to juggle – just like a monkey might juggle!

Rube Goldberg Machine Easy Rube Goldberg Examples

This is an example of an easy Rube Goldberg machine built by a boy so he can feed his dog remotely. Learn more about Rube Goldberg and his designs in the link below.

Rube Goldberg – The TRASH Machine

Here is another example of an easy-to-build Goldberg machine with a good goal.

Rube Goldberg Machines Lesson

This link takes you to the lessons page for building a Rube Goldberg machine. Goals: Get inspired, determine a problem to solve, gather supplies, then build your machine. Note: the OK Go video of a very cool and very complicated machine is worth watching, but it does have one tiny bad word in it, which you probably won’t notice unless you’re reading the lyrics (hard to do when you’re watching the Goldberg sequencing!).

Camtown Indoor Activity Bingo

Created by: Krista, Camas Parks & Recreation

This activity will need a printer in order to print off the Bingo card) You can play this game alone or as a competition with someone else in your family. Be adventurous and play this game outside, rain or shine!
Outdoor Bingo
Indoor Bingo


It wouldn’t be Camtown without some great youth entertainment. Typically, we have two, and sometimes three, performances going on at the same time. At the Camtown Web Event, you won’t miss any of the performances, and you can watch them at any time! Watch the videos below to learn something new, sing-along, try out a new dance, or just enjoy the show!

Camas Public Library Song & Story Time

Ellen, from the Camas Library, and her daughter, Ripley, have been providing live performances on the Library’s Facebook page every Monday and Wednesday at 9:30AM. For Camtown, they are giving us an exclusive performance of their popular reading show. Fun for all ages, but focused on ages 3 to 5.

Monalisa Art’s Bollywood Dances

Performance at an Indian Wedding Reception
Presenting: Simran and Siya, St. Mary’s Academy High School

The movements and colors are beautiful in this cultural dance video taken during the reception at an Indian wedding reception. Monalisa Art’s Bollywood Dances are featured at both the Camtown Youth Festival and Hometown Holidays. We look forward to their next live appearance in Camas!

Hammersmith Rock Institute “Never Can Tell”

Presenting: Alden, Daphne, Kreston, Grace, Luke and Zuzu, Hammersmith Rocks Institute

This live video was recorded at The Star Theater in early February at one of the shows prior to COVID-19 restrictions.

Hammersmith Rock Institute "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Presenting Addison, Cole, James. Janie, Ryan, and Zuzu

In this virtual band performance, students from Hammersmith Rock perform a great rendition of the classic Beatles’ song. It’s a testament to their talent and instruction that they play so cohesively from their own homes, without being next to each other on the same stage, to “read” each other’s cues for beat, timing, and the nuances used for a live performance.

“Never Enough” Solo

Presenting: Shalaka, Skyridge Middle School

This is a familiar song from a popular movie musical. If you know the words, you’re ready to go; if you don’t know the words, download them and sing along.

Camas Soo Bahk Do Martial Arts Demonstration

Presenting: Camas Soo Bahk Do students

Stand up and participate in this demonstration brought to you by the students of the 30 year old local martial arts studio. In order of appearance: Andrew, Jocelyn, Susan, Matthew, Serena (Dorothy Fox Elementary), Arabella (Dorothy Fox Elementary), Miranda, Andrew (Camas High School), and Sean.

Shrink Ray Farms

Presenting: Brett, Shrink Ray Farms

We know you love the reptile shows that Parks & Rec puts on during Camtown and Family Fun Fridays. Here, Brett introduces us to some of his not-so-furry friends and tells us more about them and the reptile world they come from. You can learn more about Brett’s rescued reptiles, as well as his hobby farm animals on his Facebook page at Shrink Ray Farms.

Shrink Ray Farms

Presenting: Brett, Shrink Ray Farms

Shrink ray Farms Video 2

“A Whole New World” Duet (from the movie “Aladdin”)

Presenting: Shalaka, Skyridge Middle School and Shaunak, Prune Hill Elementary

Have fun singing along to this popular song! This might make you want to watch the movie, Aladdin, all over again!

Dance Evolution Studio Zumba Dance “Baby Shark” Hip Hop Style

Presenting: Miss Aspen and Miss Jessica, Dance Evolution Studio

It’s time to get up and move with Aspen and Jessica to this well-known “baby” song! All ages can have fun with this – indoors!

Dance Fitness “Hustle” by Pink

Presenting: Aspen, Dance Evolution Studio

For the older kids, keep up with the dance steps that Aspen shows you in this locally- made video. Can you tell where the video was taken? Walk around downtown Camas to find out!”

“Here Comes the Sun” Solo (The Beatles)

Presenting: Tommy, Camas High School

Tommy’s performance brings you double the musical talent on quite a different “stage.” Cheers to thinking outside of the box. And a huge shout-out to Tommy’s brother, James, who managed to brilliantly keep up the pace while filming!

Dragon Theater Puppets

Presenting Jason, Dragon Theater Puppets

“Little Bugs Big World” Puppet Show The Sneaky Mayor of bug town Mr. Ess has decided to shut down the school! A caterpillar and ladybug make a bet to save the school by proving he's the meanest bug in the world. He bets that they can't visit 6 countries in 30 days because they are so little. So they prove him wrong and fly a hot air balloon around the world. They learn how to say hello in 6 different languages and meet different bugs that help them.

Monalisa Art’s Bollywood Dances

Presenting: Lili, Camas High School and Zayah, Liberty Middle School

Who wouldn’t want to dance in beautiful outfits on a gorgeous day. These Indian dance moves are simple to follow along with. See how many dance movements you can learn.

Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)

Presenting: Lucy, Camas High School

Lucy sings the song we all need to hear right now and any time life feels a little grey. Download the lyrics, sing along, and “don’t worry about a thing.”

Art Show

This year’s Camtown-Forgey WebArt Show offers an opportunity for budding or accomplished artists to participate in an activity which encourages imagination and shares with our community the talent we have in our youth. Art work was submitted by students from our local elementary, middle and high schools. Artists provided photos of their art and we have assembled it here for you to view at your leisure.