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 Storytime Room Renovation


Storytime Room Renovation

Camas Public Library is converting the current Storytime Room to a comprehensive Early Learning Center!

The Early Learning Center (ELC) will be an extension to the many storytimes the Library currently offers, where our staff model early literacy skills for children and their adults.

The ELC will pick up where storytimes leave off, providing a space for adults to read, talk, sing, write, and play with their child any time the Library is open. This room will be geared specifically to children ages 0-5, to gain early literacy skills in preparation for lifelong learning in a fun, positive environment.

In the ELC, children and their caregivers will have access to a variety of different learning-based toys and activities. Learning begins at birth and the Library is here to support this endeavor, providing a literacy-rich environment. Parents and caregivers take the foremost role as a teacher for their children. The ELC will be a primary space to help parents and caregivers achieve this.

The Library cannot renovate the Storytime Room into an Early Learning Center without your help. Click here to donate now!

Support Early Literacy
Reading to children is the most essential way to help children get ready to read. Hearing words expands vocabulary and develops understanding.

Talking encourages developing language skills, learning about new words and self-expression.

Singing helps children sound out words and introduces new vocabulary and concepts.

Writing helps children learn letters and develops an understanding of how marks on a page represent language.

Playing allows children to learn to express themselves and develop imagination. Children develop a meaning for words through their telling of stories.
A study of 3 - 5-year old who had been read to at least three times per week found the children:

Twice as likely to recognize all letters.

Twice as likely to have word recognition.

Twice as likely to understand words in context.

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