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Situated in the eastern hilly portion of Clark County lies the City of Camas, home to approximately 19,620 residents and several large, hi-tech manufacturing industries. Located along the banks of the Columbia River, this "small" city has become a "big" player in the locating and siting of international companies. 

Traveling east on Pacific Rim Blvd., one passes modern manufacturing companies and industries located in the Cascade Business Park. Companies such as Sharp Microelectronics and Sharp Labs of America, Linear Technology, Wafer Tech, Underwriters Laboratories, and others have built and located in this newer area. 


This same drive affords a view of Prune Hill, an ancient and dormant volcanic hill named for its earlier prune orchards. Rising gently over the western half of the City, this area has become a showcase for large homes that hug the hillsides, providing expansive views of downtown Portland and surrounding areas, with beautiful views of Mt. Hood. Descending from the top of the hill and past the lake, one enters the more established areas of the City and its picturesque, downtown environs. With its goal of increasing business opportunities and making downtown "the place to be," the City has established a Downtown Visioning Committee to conceptualize and implement strategies for attracting additional growth in this vital area of the community. From this Committee a Downtown Camas Association was formed.  The purpose of the Downtown Camas Association is to develop and promote historic Downtown Camas by creating a vibrant social, cultural and economic center of the community while emphasizing preservation of our city’s historic features. The DCA are proud members of the Washington State Main Street Program and value revitalizing our charming downtown while maintaining and restoring it's historic integrity. 

From its origins over 100 years ago as a paper-mill town, which still boasts a mill operated by Georgia-Pacific Corporation, Camas has expanded, developed, and successfully blended a mix of cultures, values, and vision. These ideals have been instrumental in promoting diverse economic growth, encouraging development of livable, family-oriented neighborhoods, protecting open-space, building parks and other recreational amenities — in short, balancing the nexus between jobs, housing and recreation. Prioritizing the quality of life for all residents has made Camas a truly unique community.

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