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Finance Department News
Federal Coronavirus Relief Funds were disseminated to cities to help maintain essential public services during the pandemic. The funding amount was determined by City population. City of Camas received $722,700. To help us allocate these funds, we are asking citizens to try out our new software called Balancing Act.

Balancing Act will let you see the unbudgeted expenses related to COVID-19 and then indicate which of those expenses you prioritize reimbursing with relief funds.

The results from this simulation will paint a picture of our community’s funding priorities. Our elected officials will then use these priorities to inform their decisions about the allocation of the Coronavirus Relief Funds.

Please take a few moments with Balancing Act. It’s your opportunity to send support to the services you value most. Just work through the simulation and submit your feedback, and if you need guidance - we have a video for that below. Thanks for giving us your input!

Take a Video Tour of Balancing Act

Try Out Balancing Act for Yourself

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