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City of Camas Design Requirements:

  • Roof Snow Load - 25 lbs/ feet 2
  • Wind Speed (Gust) - 135 mph, 3 second
  • Seismic Design Category - D 1
  • Weathering Frost Line Depth - 12"
  • Termites slight
  • Decay Moderate
  • Winter Design Temp - 22 deg F
  • Ice Shield Underlay - No
  • Flood Hazard - See FEMA maps
  • Air Freeze Index - 250
  • Mean Annual Temp - 50 deg

Please complete and return a Building Permit Application to the Building Office at least 24 hours prior to submitting plans and any other required information. The application may be mailed, hand-delivered, or emailed to permits@cityofcamas.us.

Checklist for Building Permit Approval
What do you need to submit for a typical single family residence?

  1. Completed Building Permit Application.
  2. 2 sets of plans.
  3. 2 plot plans (with legal description, lot dimensions, to scale of not less than 1”=20’ width contour lines).
  4. 2 sets of truss engineering and layouts (if you are using trusses).
  5. 2 sets of engineered floor joist / I- joist drawings.  (if you will be using them).
  6. Proof of ownership.
  7. A copy of your contractor's license.
  8. 2 sets of lateral engineering for a 3 second wind gust of 135 miles per hour, Exposure B (if required due to number of and placement of windows).

Other Items That May Be Required:

  • For Accessory Dwelling Units covenant will need to be recorded.
  • For alterations/remodels -a floor plan showing new work.
  • Construction near river/lake - flood plain elevation certificate.
  • Construction on fill or slopes - soils report/survey.

    Please Note:
  • Payment of the plan review fee is required at time of plan submittal.
  • All plan reviews will be done in the order that they are received.
  • Complete information must be submitted before the plans can be reviewed in a timely manner.
  • If major changes are made to the plans while they are in the review process, or there is a change in the site location, the original application will be cancelled. A new application will be required and the review process will start new again.

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