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Maintaining city streets during winter storm conditions is the responsibility of the Public Works Maintenance Division. The Public Works Ice/Snow Emergency Plan is designed to keep the major roadways of the City operational and safe during ice and snow events. Our goal is to minimize economic and environmental impacts on the community and to provide drivers with a reasonably safe traveling surface. The City has prioritized the main transportation corridors that provide for emergency response service and that help move citizens, goods and services throughout the City. View our snow and ice policy, which includes frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The City's Snow and Ice Removal Routes Map identifies Priority 1 Routes (Red lines), Priority 2 Routes (Green lines), Priority 3 Routes (Yellow lines), and the typical Road Closures (Blue lines) during inclement weather. All other streets will be serviced during regularly scheduled hours after the Priority Routes as dispatched or have been serviced. Snow and ice removal crews will typically only respond to and treat non-priority routes as dispatched as requested by Police or Fire in emergency situations. Please do not park on Priority Routes as it makes removal of snow and ice more difficult for our crews. The City will tow abandoned vehicles that, in the opinion of the City, pose a danger to the mobility or servicing of the emergency routes.

For reference, the following roads may be closed by the City during inclement weather

•   NW 23rd Avenue, from NW Douglas Loop to NW Hood Street;
•   NW Forest Home Road from NW 10th Avenue to NW Astor Street;
•   Division Street from NE 6th Avenue to NE 11th Avenue;
•   NE Dallas Street from NE 6th Avenue to NE 14th Avenue;
•   NW Dahlia Drive from NW 30th Circle to NW 34th Circle;
•   NW Lacamas Lane from NW Jasmine Street to NW Lake Road; and
•   NW 44th Avenue from NW Jasmine to NW Lacamas Lane.

Snow in Downtown Camas

Please do not park on priority routes as it makes removal of snow and ice more difficult for our crews.
Most importantly, know your driving limitations.

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