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Resource Helpline in Practice

In this video, Library Director, Connie Urquhart, speaks with Library staff, Christopher Knipes, and Elliot Stapleton, about their experiences to-date with the Camas Resource Helpline: (360) 382-1300

Summary and minutes:

  • 0:20- The Resource Helpline was started by the City of Camas to help the community during this pandemic. Library staff are operating the phone line from home.
  • 0:59- The Resource Helpline was established two weeks ago to match community members in need that cannot leave their houses with volunteers for three services: grocery pickups, prescription pickups, and friendly check-ins.
  • 1:32- Currently there are 25+ volunteers of all ages, including families who are volunteering together.
  • 2:21- The Library is fielding questions through the Helpline as well. An example was someone seeking help identifying resources for small business owners due to the crisis.
  • 3:13- Another example included a mother who was disappointed to have to cancel her daughter's 6th birthday party. She decided to host a social distance parade for her daughter and called to see if volunteers would be interested to drive by and wish her daughter a Happy Birthday. A long line of cars, including decorated cars, showed up!
  • 5:03- The Helpline has matched several community needs for groceries, Christopher shared an example about someone who was unable to leave the house due to suffering a recent heart attack and one of the Helpline volunteers coordinated groceries buying and delivery for him. Note: volunteers are not to go into others' houses for everyone's safety.
  • 6:50- If you wish to help or are in need, Library staff are ready to take your call Monday - Friday 9 AM - 6 PM at (360) 382 - 1300; calls after hours will be sent to voicemail and Library staff will reach out as soon as they can.
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