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Stay Home, Stay Healthy

In this video, Mayor Barry McDonnell, Police Chief Lackey, and Fire Chief Nick Swinhart discuss the new recommendations from the CDC regarding wearing masks in public. In addition, Chief Lackey reminds us that now is not the time to get relaxed on the rules about staying home during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy initiative in order to save lives during this pandemic. It is imperative for everyone to get fresh air and exercise but please do so within walking distance of your home.

Summary and minutes:

  • 1:00- Mayor Barry discusses taking care of ourselves physically & mentally and its importance, while adhering to the Stay Home, Stay Healthy and social distance guidelines.
  • 1:22- Walking around neighborhoods is a good way to adhere to guidelines and get fresh air & exercise. The park & trailhead parking lots were closed to avoid the risk of more people driving there as a mass gathering.
  • 1:30- There is no point in only "kind of" adhering to the guidelines. We have closed down schools, businesses, etc. we need to do our own part. It only works if we all take this seriously.
  • 2:14- The Police are seeing more people out & about with the nicer weather, this includes higher vehicle traffic.
  • 2:55- The Fire department is still seeing a lower number of calls and all is well with their staff, no exposures have occurred.
  • 3:14- The CDC has issued a new direction to wear masks outdoors. These are not the medical masks, but rather dust/cloth masks. The medical masks are needed for any first responders.
  • 3:47- Masks are not a replacement for social distancing.
  • 3:56- Mayor Barry mentions no one citywide has been tested/shown any symptoms of COVID19 (referring to all city employees).
  • 4:15- The Police department also reiterated that calls are down, but that they are seeing a small uptick in family disturbances.
  • 4:37- The Mayor stressed the need to take care of one another during this time. This next month is crucial and we all need to take this seriously. We will bounce back from this!

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