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From Barry; 

My fellow Camasonians, thank you for watching. I want to emphasize a couple of things as far as actionable steps we can all take right now to keep ourselves and those around us in a positive mindset. 

Firstly, I encourage you to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather we are having. Although we are trying to limit social exposure, we can and should continue to enjoy the parks and trails we have here in Camas. The sunshine and fresh air are good for our bodies and souls, and I hope you can find a little time each day to get outside with your family. 

Secondly, I touched on it briefly in the video, but staying connected to our neighbors is both important to our community and beneficial to both you and the person you’re reaching out to. Check in on your elderly neighbors with a quick phone call to see if they need food, or help, or just an ear to listen as they express their concerns. This can be a scary time for those of us who are at risk and keeping the lines of communication going between friends and neighbors is a powerful way to remember what it is that really matters and that everything is going to be alright.

Lastly, I encourage you to support our local Camas businesses. So many of our independently owned restaurants and bakeries have switched over to takeout service, our mom-and-pop retail shops have been setting up online purchasing and curbside pickup for their wares, along with a multitude of service and care providers who are continuing to serve our community through alternative routes and venues. You can find a list of our local businesses on the Downtown Camas Association’s website. 

Let’s continue to focus on what matters and stay positive. I’ve lived a lot of places and if there’s any community that can come out stronger in the face of adversity, it’s this one. We got this, Camas.


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