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Encroachment Permits are required for all work in the right-of-way including the following activities:

“…dig, break, excavate, use, occupy, tunnel, undermine or in any way obstruct or disturb any street, alley, sidewalk, highway, thoroughfare or other public place, or to fill, place, leave or deposit in or upon any such public street, highway, alley, thoroughfare, sidewalk or public place any article, material or thing whatsoever tending to encroach upon or to obstruct, disturb or interfere with the free use of the same, or to place, erect or maintain any structure, including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, paving, valley gutters, or sidewalk fronting strips in any city right-of-way…” CMC 12.12.010

Commercial Encroachment Permits include the following:

  • Franchise Encroachment Permits
  • Small Wireless Facility Installation Permits (Subject to Planning Department Approval)
  • Special Encroachment Permits - Special permits are required for permanent and semi-permanent installations in the right-of-way, such as enclosed restaurant seating on a public sidewalk, HOA monuments, retaining walls, etc.. 

To obtain a permit for Franchise Utilities and Permanent Installations in the right-of-way:

  1. Read the Encroachment Permit Form Instructions
  2. Assemble the required information:
    1. Engineering: Project Plans or Sketch
    2. Traffic Control Plan (if required)
    3. Estimate of work and materials costs including traffic control
  1. Complete the Commercial Encroachment Permit Form
  2. Read and sign the Commercial Encroachment Permit Standard Conditions document
  3. Read and sign the Commercial Encroachment Permit Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement
  4. Supply a Certificate of Liability Insurance (ACORD)
  5. Submit the form and the required information to the City of Camas Permit Desk
  6. A complete package of instructions and all forms for Commercial Encroachment Permits is available here

NOTE : Small Wireless Facility Permits are not available at this time. Send inquiries to the Permit Desk. (See contact information below.)

The City will review your application, work with you to verify engineering feasibility, and calculate the permit fee(s) required.

Submit permit applications to the City of Camas Permit Desk at:


City of Camas Building Department

Permit Desk

616 NE 4th Ave

Camas, WA 98607


               Email:                   permits@cityofcamas.us              
Phone:                 (360) 817-1568

For information related to Commercial Encroachment Permits contact:

               Jeff Englund, Engineer I
               Phone:                 (360) 817-7233
               Email:                   jenglund@cityofcamas.us

For information related to other General Encroachment Permits contact:

               Anita Ashton, Project Manager
               Phone:                 (360) 817-7231
               Email:                   aashton@cityofcamas.us
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