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Below are the current open Request for Proposals (RFPs) for the Camas Public Library:

Integrated Library System 2018

The Camas Public Library & City of Camas are currently seeking proposals for a new Integrated Library System to begin in 2019. Vendors, please download our Request for specifications & submission information. All proposals must be digitally received on or before April 11, 2018. Please direct any questions & proposals to Danielle Reynolds, Technology & Collections Manager.

Questions & Answers will be compiled below:

1. What is the number of simultaneously used workstations?

    • We are not currently used to using any type of limit of ports/limit to users for an ILS, so my numbers are a bit ambiguous to know our specific need. We have 4 workstations which are required to be in at all times. There are 12 other workstations. They do not always need simultaneous access. I anticipate at least another 6 needing access at once, but this need could potentially be higher as determined at a later time.


2. Is there a pre-bid conference call or meeting? 

    • There are no pre-bid conference call plans. However, we could do a pre-bid conference call if you would like. Any question we receive we’ll need to take note of to publish on our Q&A on the web. We prefer to keep any demo type of conference call until after the bids are received, however.
    • 3. How many SMS messages would be sent per year?
    • Our hold notification numbers are unclear because we do anticipate changes with the consortium changes in the next year and as we only offer SMS as an opt-in subscription currently our current numbers are at 60 opt-in. With a new model we anticipate this number being higher, although there is not a clear way for us to estimate how much usage it would have. I will estimate potentially 200 per month? But this number would necessitate the ability for changes as necessary due to pure estimation.
    • 4. Under functionality, you ask about the ability to access the ILS anywhere. Does this mean the ability for system administrators to access the ILS remotely, or would this be for a fully web based system where cataloging, circulation, etc….could be done at any computer with an internet connection?
    • We are looking for a fully web-based system where tasks can be done at any computer with an internet connection: especially circulation & patron modification/additions modules.
    • 5. Are the reciprocal borrowers 51,616 getting migrated into the new ILS or does this number represent the users from the other libraries in your current, shared database?
    • The reciprocal borrowers are all contained within our current, shared database. The number migrated may be more or less depending on our migration plan. The consortium has a higher number of registered borrowers, but not all are active users of our Library. At this time the plan on dividing current active reciprocal borrowers has not been devised and will need to be worked through with any selected Vendor and/or our current Vendor.
      1. 6. You did not list acquisitions data as a requirement for migration but would you like pricing for migrating all active acquisitions data (orders, invoices, funds and vendors)?
        • Active orders/invoices are not a required migration service, any pricing information should be listed separately. Funds and vendor information will not be migrated.
      2. 7. You did not list serials data as a requirement for migration but would you like pricing for migrating all active acquisitions data (orders, invoices, funds and vendors)?
        • Serials data is not a required migration service, any pricing information should be listed separately.
      3. 8. Is your current ILS hosted by the consortium or by the current vendor?
        • The ILS is hosted by SirsiDynix
        • 9. If hosted by the consortium, will someone at the consortium be able to provide an extract of your data or will you require assistance from the new vendor?
        • N/A
      4. 10. It appears you want to work with LTI on authority. Will you bring over any authority records from the current ILS? If so, please provide a count.
        • LTI is the current vendor with the consortium. There are no current plans on migrating authority records or any selected vendors.
      5. 11. How many staff members will require training? Please provide a count by department and/or module. This will be helpful in determining the best training package.
        • Training will vary by module availability. There will be 2-3 staff needing training on all modules. Circulation & OPAC modules training will need to handle approximately 12 staff members total. Other modules will be less, for instance Acquisitions will likely be for 7 people, Cataloging will likely be for 5 people, Serials for 3 people, etc.

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